How to Clean Your Smartphone

Cleaning your smartphone – while always recommended – is now more important than ever. It’s estimated that we touch our phone every 12 minutes, so our hygiene needs to extend to the device we use most.

? Detach the LG V60 ThinQ from the LG Dual Screen to clean thoroughly.
? Use 70% Isopropyl Wipes, cleaning all surfaces of the phone.
? Apply Alcohol onto a clean lint-free cloth, wipe down all surfaces of the phone.
? Ethanol wipes are an effective alternative to Isopropyl wipes.
? Be sure to test a small area of the phone before fully cleaning its entire surface.

Do Not:
? Submerge your smartphone or LG Dual Screen in water.
? Use alcohol concentrations greater than 70%.
? Use bleach, ammonia, compressed air & hydrogen peroxide.
? Leave residue that could lead to electrical short or damage device.
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